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2015 CALL Committee Roundup

The Committee Roundup is a new CALL Bulletin featured column where all of our committees will provide a update for us each issue to let us know what they are working on. In this issue, the committees focused on their goals for the upcoming year.

Archives Committee Goals:

Co-Chairs: Therese Arado and Annie Mentkowski
Members: Sharon Nelson

  • We continue to digitize, where appropriate, CALL materials.  In addition, we are working to preserve the website. Please continue to send the Co-Chairs all materials that need to be archived. See the CALL guidelines for more details on what should be archived

Bulletin Committee Goals:

Co-Chairs: Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Scott Vanderlin, and Lindsey Ann Carpino

Members: Emily Barney, Debbie Ginsberg, Juanita Harrell, Philip Johnson, Annie Mentkowski, Jill Meyer, Stacia Stein, Clanitra Stewart Nejdl, LeighAnne Thompson

  • Publish regular columns on CALL committee activities, law firm librarianship, library school, Illinois government relations, reports on CALL continuing education programs, as well as interviews with new CALL members
  • Solicit articles on SLA, SLA-Illinois, ILTA, MAALL, 3L (Leaders of Law Librarianship) and other related law and library associations and groups
  • Publish profiles of CALL member libraries (the 7th Circuit, for example)
  • Publish an article about the work of the new Bulletin Historian, Annie Mentkowski
  • Arrange for the CALL Bulletin to be included in HeinOnline
  • Create opportunities for CALL members  to write for and contribute to the CALL Bulletin
  • Solicit and publish Bulletin articles on topics suggested by CALL members in CALL President Julie Pabarja’s recent survey
  • Collaborate with the PR and other CALL committees to publicize and promote the work of CALL and its members

Community Service Committee Goals:

Co-Chairs: Julie Swanson and Lucy Robbins
Members: Susan Retzer, Jennifer Lubejko, Joanne Kiley, Jamie Stewart, Simone Srinivasan

  • To collaborate with other CALL committees, to communicate effectively with committees and members, and to seek and coordinate volunteer events that will foster a sense of community service and networking opportunities for members

Continuing Education Committee Goals:

Co-Chairs: Jessie Bowman and Carolyn Hersch
Members: Sharon Nelson, Philip Johnson, Tom Keefe, David Rogers, Jamie Stewart, Simone Srinivasan

  • Greetings from the Continuing Education Committee! We’re still in the very early stages of planning, but we’re excited to offer a variety of informative and relevant programs throughout the next year
  • Tentatively speaking, we hope to provide either in-person or virtual events during months in which a business meeting is not being held
  • Although it’s still nine months away, we’re also beginning to brainstorm ideas for Institute Day next May
  • Please feel free to email either Jesse Bowman ( or Carolyn Hersch ( with any suggestions for programming.  We hope to see you at an in-person or virtual event soon!

Corporate Memory Goals:

Chair: Betty Roeske
Members: Judy Gaskell, Christine Morong, Susan Siebers, Frank Drake

  • Review the Board minutes. Update Policy Log as needed
  • Review Policy Log against the CALL Handbook

Grants and Chapter Awards Committee Goals:

Chair: Margaret Schilt
Members: Clanitra Stewart Nejdl, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Beth Schubert, Patricia Sayre-McCoy

  • This year’s Grants and Chapter Awards Committee is hoping to receive grant applications for a wider variety of professional education opportunities, as well as for the AALL Annual Meeting, to be held here in Chicago next summer
  •  Please review the grant application at and consider applying for a grant

Government Relations Committee Goals:

Co-Chairs: Joseph Mitzenmacher and Clare M. Hoyt
Members: Tom Gaylord, Sally Holterhoff, Justin Franklin

  • We are in the process of finishing our updates to Finding Illinois Law: A Librarian’s Guide for Non-Lawyers. In addition to publishing the updated PDF version of the Guide, we are also going to be looking at options for publishing the Guide in a more dynamic format
  • We are going to be writing a regular Bulletin article updating the membership on state and federal legislative items of interest to CALL members
  • We are also soliciting ideas for subjects to track, so if anyone has ideas or sees anything of interest that falls within our scope of coverage that you’d like to see us write about, please let us know

Meetings Committee Goals:

Chair: Eugene Giudice and Larissa Sullivant 
Members: Jill Meyer, Sara Baseggio, Todd Hillmer

  • Your Meetings Committee will strive to find meeting venues that will help contribute to a successful meeting, greater attendance and good value for money spent
  •  This year, we have found at least two new venues and are experimenting with more buffet style lunches (as opposed to plated meals)

Membership Committee:

Co-Chairs: Therese Arado and Annie Mentkowski
Members: Christine Klobucar, Lindsey Carpino, Jeff Meyerowitz

  • Membership renewals will be moving to an online platform called Wild Apricot. This means, in the very near future, you will be able to renew your membership online and pay your dues via credit card. Wild Apricot will also speed up the directory publication process.

Mentorship & Leadership Development Committee Goals:

Co-Chairs: Jamie Sommer and Clare Willis
Members: Tom Gaylord, Gretchen Van Dam, Ben Brighoff

  • The MLDC had a great turn out for its first meet-up in July 2015 as everyone was preparing for the AALL Annual Meeting. Over the next year, the MLDC plans to host additional networking events, including roundtable discussions where members with similar responsibilities and interests can informally meet to discuss topics and trends
  • In the coming months, the Committee plans to formally announce the CALL mentorship program and will be asking anyone who is interested in having a mentor or serving as a mentor to sign up
  • Finally, based on feedback from the CALL Membership Survey, we will also be working with the Continuing Education Committee on developing programing related to leadership and management skills

Nominations & Elections Committee Goals:

Chair: Maribel Nash
Members: Carolyn Hosticka, Tom Keefe, Sheri Lewis, Jean Wenger

  • Excited to put together a great slate of candidates for CALL’s 2015-2016 term. Please start thinking about who you would like to see on the CALL Board!

Placement and Recruitment Committee Goals:

Chair: Karl Pettitt and Jessie LeMar
Members: Valerie Kropf, Gretchen Van Dam

  • We recently held our first committee meeting and we are working on ways in which we can further engage the legal community as well as Library & Information Science students
  • While we will continue to manage the job postings for the CALL website and listserv, we discussed other ways we can collaborate with various CALL committees in the upcoming year
  • The committee is hoping to  reach out to more regional library schools and law schools to promote the CALL job board
  • We will also be making changes to the job postings form on the website
  • As a reminder, if there is a position available at your library please consider taking a moment to promote CALL by letting your human resources or hiring manager know about our job postings!
  • We have found a brochure that was previously used to advertise our committee’s services to law firms in their recruitment efforts. An updated version is pending

Public Relations Committee  Goals:

 Co-Chairs: Kara Young and Beth Schubert
Debbie Ginsberg, Emily Barney, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Joanne Kiley, Sharon Nelson,  Scott Vanderlin, Britnee Cole

  • Make website improvements based on recommendations from last spring’s website task force
  • Continue to explore/expand CALL social media presence (live-tweeting meetings, etc.)
  • Streamline the backend of the website