Photo of CALL members at AALL 2016 in Chicago booth in Philadelphia

AALL 2016 Local Arrangements Committee

CALL’s AALL 2016 Booth at AALL 2015 in Philadelphia

Many thanks to everyone who helped to promote the 2016 AALL Annual Meeting in Philly!

AALL is so excited to host the first Annual Meeting and Conference in Chicago since 1987, the year:

  • The Bangles had a #1 hit with Walk Like an Egyptian
  • Paul Newman won the Best Actor Oscar for The Color of Money
  • Future Blackhawk Captain Jonathan Toews was just a twinkle in his mother’s eye

CALL members stepped up to promote our great city throughout the conference!

Special thanks to CALL members who volunteered at the Local Arrangements Booth: Annie Mentkowski, Ben Brighoff, Bridget MacMillan, Carolyn Hersch, Claire Toomey Durkin, Deborah Ginsberg, Debra Denslaw, Diana Koppang, Emily Barney, Erin Schlicht, Jean Wenger, Jesse Bowman, JoAnn Hounshell, Joe Mitzenmacher, John Klasey, Julie Pabarja, Julie Stauffer, Kara Dunn, Kara Young, Lucy Robbins, Margaret Schilt, Patricia Sayre-McCoy, Sally Holterhoff, Scott Vanderlin, Stacia Stein, Todd Ito, Tom Gaylord, and Trezlen Drake.

We were so lucky to have such a high number of volunteers that everyone was able to participate by committing a small amount of time. We’re looking forward to working with CALL throughout the year as we prepare to Make It New & Create the Future in Chicago in July 2016!

AALL 2016 in Chicago logo

The 2016 AALL Local Arrangements Committee:

  • Megan Butman and Maribel Nash, Co-Chairs


  • Jamie Sommer and Lucy Robbins, Hospitality
  • Annie Mentkowski and Joe Mitzenmacher, Registration
  • Jesse Bowman, Website and Publicity
  • Tom Gaylord and Scott Vanderlin, Library Tours and Excursions
  • Vanessa Nelson Meihaus, Exhibits
  • Claire Toomey Durkin and Carolyn Hersch, Volunteers
  • Beth Mrkvicka, Restaurant Guide