CALL Executive Board Meeting, May 2015

Note: To access complete Minutes from this meeting, visit the Board Minutes page on the CALL website

AALL Headquarters, 105 W. Adams St., Suite 3300 (enter on Clark St.)

May 12, 2015 9:00 a.m.

Board Members Present:

  • Margaret Schilt
  • Julie Pabarja
  • Clare Willis
  • Robert Martin
  • Maribel Nash

Board Members Absent:

  • Stephanie Crawford
  • Jamie Sommer


  • Diana Koppang
  • Todd Ito
  • Konya Lafferty


Treasurer’s report (Section IV):

1. Harris Bank balance as of April 30, 2015: $27,554.52

2. Net income, April 30, 2015: ($49.60)

3. Membership numbers as of April 30, 2015: 258 (15 new members, 243 renewals)

Significant Actions:

Policy: A Director shall be responsible for ensuring that information about the current Executive Board is current on the CALL website.

Policy: A Committee Chair shall appoint a committee member, who may or may not be a co-chair of the committee, to be responsible for the committee’s content and updating said content.

Policy: The Public Relations Committee shall have two co-chairs and a “website administrator,” appointed by the President, whose responsibilities include liaising with committee chairs to ensure that website content is current, and to act as the main contact for questions and concerns about the website.