Annual Reports: Community Service Committee

The annual report from the Community Service Committee, submitted by Jessica LeMar, Co-Chair of the committee.

The committee met once in August 2014 to designate the recipients of our in-kind and monetary donations. At this meeting we also designated members of the committee that would be in charge of taking the lead in organizing the collections for each meeting.

CALL Donations

The following items and money were collected at each meeting:

September 2014 business meeting:

Our in-kind collection of school supplies went to Chicago Hopes and our monetary donation of $186 went to Blessings in a Backpack.

November 2014 business meeting:

The in-kind collection of books and the monetary collection of $140 went to Open Books.

February 2015 business meeting:

The in-kind collection of food and the monetary donation of $180 went to the Chicago Food Depository.

May 2015 business meeting:

The in-kind donation of pet supplies and the monetary donation of  $293 went to The Anti-Cruelty Society.


In total, the Community Service Committee collected $799 and many boxes of goods were donated by our generous members. The committee also discussed expanding our activities to provide opportunities to volunteer outside of the business meetings. We explored members’ interest in this idea by submitting questions to the CALL survey.