AALL2go Pick of the Month: What Makes a Librarian Worth a Million Bucks?

AALL’s Continuing Professional Education Committee presents the AALL2go pick of the month:

What Makes a Librarian Worth a Million Bucks? Valuing Staff, Resources, and Services When Dollars are Scarce

In recent years, libraries have been faced with ever-increasing budget cuts. Therefore, librarians must be able to accurately and concretely demonstrate the value of the library to their law firms and law schools.

In this presentation, two law firm library managers provide a practical, dollars-and-cents approach to determining and demonstrating the value of your library. The presenters demonstrate how to apply the “Value Assurance Cycle” (Audit > Align > Appraise > Act) to your library’s elements: staff, resources, and services.

The presenters include worksheets for accurately calculating costs and value. They also provide creative tips for demonstrating and highlighting the value of your library’s assets, including soft skills, through use of charts, graphs, and storytelling.

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