Annual Reports: Membership Committee

Submitted by Therese Clarke Arado (co-chair)

Committee Members: Christine Klobucar (co-chair), Megan Butman, Emily Janoski-Haehlen, Valerie Kropf, Mary Ann Lenzen, Jeff Meyerowitz, Lucy Robbins, and Lorna Tang.

As of April 30, 2013, CALL had 285 members. This is an increase of about 12 over the number of members at the end of 2012-2013.

The CALL Directory is updated four times a year on the CALL website (September, November, February and May). Corrections/updates are made by the Membership Committee, with the assistance of AALL staff. Then, the update is posted by the Internet Committee on CALL’s website. This year there were only three updates due to time constraints of the committee chairs.

Before each update, the Committee sent out an e-mail via the listserv asking the membership to check for any changes or corrections.

The Committee prepared “People & Places” columns for each CALL Bulletin with the changes and/or additions to CALL members. This serves as a supplement to the Membership Directory. The Committee intends to be more diligent in providing the information to the CALL Bulletin editors in a timely fashion.

The Membership Committee maintains a binder of the photo and social networking release forms in hard copy. The Committee worked with the Internet Committee to ensure a complete list of permissions was available.

Blank renewal forms and photo release forms with the new CALL logo were prepared and made available on the CALL website.

The Committee sent renewal invoices to members in late April 2014. Renewals have started to come in for the 2014-2015 year. We will work with the Treasurer throughout the year to receive membership information.