November 2013 Executive Board Minutes Summary

Complete, up-to-date CALL Board meeting minutes are available on the CALL website.

AALL Headquarters, 105 W. Adams St., Suite 3300 (enter on Clark St.)
November 12, 2013 9:00 a.m.


Treasurer’s report (Section IV)

  1. Harris Bank Balance as of October 31, 2013: $29,582.69
  2. Net Income, October 31, 2013: ($573.81)
  3. Membership numbers as of October 31, 2013: 270 (28 new members, 242 renewals)

Significant Actions

Policy: The Board amended the criteria for the Lifetime Achievement in Law Librarianship award to read as follows:

The recipient would be a retiree or someone who, within the year preceding the May business meeting at which the award is presented, has announced his/her retirement from a library or information science related position, with the announcement stating that retirement will occur no later than one year following the same May business meeting. S/he would have made an outstanding contribution to the Chicago law library community either through provision of outstanding levels of service to that community directly or through CALL. That level of service would be evaluated cumulatively over the course of the individual’s career–there would have had to have been consistently high levels of noteworthy professional contribution to become an award recipient. In addition to meeting these criteria, the recipient should not be a member of the Chapter Awards Committee at the time of consideration for the award.