CALL Bulletin Committee 2019-2020 Annual Report

The CALL Bulletin has published 3 of the four 2019-2020 issues up to the writing of this report (Issues 252-254) with the Spring and Summer issues to be published in the near future.  The committee for the most of the year included Emily Barney (co-editor), Emily Byrne (co-editor), Matt Timko (co-editor), Debbie Ginsberg and Sarah Reis.

Issue 255 remains delayed since (1) ABA Techshow attendance was lower than expected, thereby undermining our call for articles and (2) COVID 19 issues have led to remote working and a lack of submissions.  While we are currently working on getting content it has proven very difficult.  One consideration is to essentially fold the Spring and Summer issues into a single one, and then at some point next year have a COVID retrospective special issue to make up the content.  The Editorial Board is considering several options, but unfortunately the content has dried up in recent months.

Matt Timko, as co-editor, was absent for three months (between October and January) due to parental leave due to the birth of his daughter.

To access the 2019-2020 issues, please visit the Bulletin website or view the pdf versions through the CALL Website.