CALL Grants and Chapter Awards Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

The 2017-2018 Grants and Chapter Awards Committee was charged with selecting grant recipients based on established criteria for CALL members to attend professional meetings and selecting recipients of the chapter awards.

The Committee started the year by updating the CALL Grants Application Form and uploading new versions to the CALL website.

The Committee members identified educational opportunities from various associations that might be of interest to our members and periodically sent announcements on the CALL listserv promoting these programs and reminding the members that grant monies were available to help provide financial support to attend these programs.

The Committee met via phone or email a few times during the year to consider grant applications that were submitted and award grant monies based on the criteria listed on the CALL website.

CALL awarded grants to the following CALL members for the following programs:

  • grant to attend AALL CI Foundations to Sally Baker
  • grant to attend CALI conference to Jesse Bowman
  • grant to attend Yale Rare Book School to Lyonette Louis-Jacques
  • grant to attend SLA conference to Eugene Giudice
  • grant to attend AALL to Debbie Ginsberg
  • grant to attend AALL to Mandy Lee

In March 2018, the Committee started seeking nominations for the chapter awards. The Committee reviewed all of the nominations and selected the following winners based on the criteria listed on the CALL website:

  • Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Law Librarianship to Scott Burgh
  • Award for Outstanding In-House Publication to Chapman and Cutler LLP Research Services team for departmental newsletter

The Committee was comprised of Chair Todd Ito and Members Therese Clarke Arado, Shari Berkowitz, Sean Rebstock, Beth Schubert, Patricia Scott, and Matthew Timko.