Public Relations Committee 2016 Annual Report

The 2015-2016 Public Relations Committee was Deborah Ginsberg, Sean Rebstock, and Beth Schubert (co-chairs), Emily Barney, Britnee Cole, Ella Delaney, Debbie Ginsberg, Carolyn Hersch, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Joanne Kiley, David Pauwels, Scott Vanderlin, and Sharon L. Nelson.


The Public Relations Committee successfully ramped up our use of social media in 2015-2016. PR committee members divided up responsibilities for tweeting CALL news and events, and re-tweeting posts by organizations and people in the CALL and AALL communities.

Debbie Ginsberg put a great deal of effort into researching moving our site to a new host, one more suited to running WordPress than our current host. We will continue to address making this change next year.

Sean Rebstock maintained our ListServ. Debbie Ginsberg helped a great deal with the CALL website. Thank you to Konya for serving as our Board liaison.  It was a great year, and we look forward to seeing what the Committee does next year.