Photo of Julie Pabarja

President’s Letter

Dear CALL Colleagues,

It’s all about you!  This year CALL will be about what the members need to keep up with the changes and challenges that our profession faces.  It is important that we stay apprised of the latest trends and to have the skills to meet the demands of our job.  CALL will also focus on helping develop our members into leaders who will not only lead in our institutions but also in our profession.

The member survey that was sent out this summer indicated that members want more education and networking events.  The Board is collaborating with Committee Co-Chairs to provide more opportunities that members seek.

The Continuing Education Committee is busy planning programs on the latest issues. We introduced What’s Buzzin’? which is an informal gathering meant to engage discussions and share ideas.  The first What’s Buzzin’? discussion was held this month with academic, law firm, and court librarians collaborating on what new attorneys need to know as they start their career. If you would like to suggest a topic to buzz about, send it me or another Board Member.

CALL wants to invest towards the success of our members. Don’t forget that CALL has grant monies available to use towards attending education events that will help enhance your skills.

CALL needs to look at the future of our profession and developing the leaders who will be leading our libraries and CALL.

The Mentoring and Leadership Development Committee has just launched the mentor program that will allow members to match themselves up with another member that they feel can help guide them down their career path. I encourage the more experienced members to consider being a mentor. This is not only a great opportunity to teach and guide our younger/newer colleagues, but also to learn from them. Our profession is constantly evolving and the mentoring program is a great way to develop a continuous learning conversation.

CALL will be reaching out to the library schools to let the students, especially the ones interested in law librarianship, know that we are here as a resource for them.

To communicate the latest trends and heighten awareness of CALL, the CALL Bulletin and the Public Relations committees are always promoting the fabulous things that our members do and featuring articles that educate us and highlight the value that librarians give to the legal world. If you are interested in social media, blog posting, or writing articles, I encourage you to investigate how you can contribute in these committees.

With the 2016 American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting and Conference coming to Chicago next July, there will be lots of opportunities to participate in showcasing our great city and collaborating with our colleagues who will be traveling here from all around the world. If you are not an AALL member, I recommend that you check out what their membership offers and consider attending the conference in July.

There is a lot of good stuff planned for CALL members this year. I am grateful for the commitment of the Board and Committee Co-Chairs. CALL is successful because of the members’ participation and the support that we give each other. I hope to build on that success and make sure that CALL continues to offer valuable opportunities to you. Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any suggestions or concerns.

It’s going to be a great year!