Annual Reports: Placement & Recruitment Committee

Co-Chairs: Annette Cade and Eugene Giudice
Members: Megan Butman, Emily Janonski-Haehlen, Karl Pettitt, Lorna Tang
Board Liaison: Jamie Sommer

The Placement & Recruitment Committee continued utilizing the job posting procedure which was updated during the 2012-2013 membership year. The procedure successfully serves members, employers, job seekers, and enables an efficient process for committee use.

Employers fill out a simple web form on the CALL website. The committee member who receives the form confirms the posting and uploads it on the website, usually within a day. The procedure also triggers an email to the listserv. When requested by an employer submitting a job opening, the committee member sends an announcement to nearby library schools. It helps connect CALL with library students and recent alumni from graduate library programs. Using this described procedure, the committee posted 30 jobs on the CALL website and listserv during the membership year.

One enhancement to the Jobs Form this year was the addition of a print button which allows each job position to be easily printed. The print feature was added through the efforts of Debbie Ginsberg of the Public Relations Committee.

The committee also collaborated with the Public Relations Committee in the updating of the CALL Brochure. Additionally, Ms. Kara Dunn, an attorney interested in law librarianship contacted the Committee who wanted a “Day in the Life: Law Librarian” experience as promoted on the CALL Jobs and Careers web page. A member of the committee met with her and was able to connect with a law librarian from Northwestern University. It was challenging to find somebody who was willing to meet with Ms. Dunn and by extension, arrange for a shadowing opportunity. It is suggested that the CALL board deliver some sort of message to the membership that part of their professional responsibilities is to try, as much as it is possible, to make themselves available to individuals who are considering entering the profession.

Projects for 2014-2015

  • Participate in local college and university career
  • Work with Continuing Education committee to develop a CALL program on the profession of law librarianship for library science and other interested
  • In collaboration with the Education Committee, develop and education program relating to placement or recruitment.

Submitted by Annette Cade and Eugene Giudice