Annual Reports: Bulletin Committee

The Committee published four issues of the Bulletin in 2013-2014: Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Spring 2014, and Summer 2014.

Kevin McClure, from the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library, and Lyonette (Lyo) Louis-Jacques, from the D’Angelo Law Library at the University of Chicago Law School, served as co- editors.

Bulletin Committee members were:

  • Lindsey Carpino
  • Kara Dunn (part of year)
  • Judith Gaskell (part of year)
  • Carolyn Hersch
  • Keith Ann Stiverson
  • Julie Swanson
  • Michael Verderame
  • Pam Zadenetz.

Clare Willis served as CALL Executive Board liaison to the Bulletin Committee.

Co-editors, Lyo and Kevin, attended the CALL Leadership Retreat on August 6, 2013. As a result of a retreat initiative, Barry Herbert started sending the Bulletin Committee notices of new CALL members. And the Committee launched a new Bulletin column to introduce new members to CALL. Lindsey Carpino also started writing a new column from the library school student perspective. The Committee had two meetings – one brief one after the September CALL business meeting, and one at Chicago-Kent on October 2.

At the latter meeting, the Committee discussed featuring articles on CALL library events, spotlighting a specific CALL committee in each issue, and possible “where are they now?” or “get to know a member” (member profile) columns. The Committee discussed indexing and archiving the CALL Bulletin, and ways to include direct links to individual CALL Bulletin articles in social media communications (presently, one can only link to the PDF) in order to make the articles more discoverable and accessible. The Committee later discussed drafting a form or questions for CALL libraries to complete in order to promote their activities at the CALL website.

Details of the issues published in 2013-2014 follow.

The Fall 2013 issue was published on October 4, 2013. The issue included the 2013 annual reports from CALL committees, as well as summaries of the CALL Leadership Retreat, CALL Executive Board minutes, and the CALL May 2013 Business Meeting survey results . Lindsey Carpino’s debut column focused on her experience as a library school student in the LEEP “Boot Camp”.  Scott Vanderlin told the story of how the CALL “payphone” display at the AALL Exhibit Hall activities table came to be. Keith Ann Stiverson provided an UELMA in Illinois update. The issue reprinted the Cook County Board of Commissioners resolution congratulating Jean Wenger on her election as Vice-President/President-Elect of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).

The Winter 2014 issue was published on December 24, 2013, and featured the first “New CALL Member Q&A” with Michael Verderame, two articles on the Cook County Law Library’s 50th anniversary, articles by Jesse Bowman on teaching a course in law practice technology, Denise Glynn on the RDA Cataloging Cooperative, Lindsey Carpino on law school versus library school, and a special article by Naomi Goodman in memory of Gail Hartzell. The issue also included summaries of the September and November CALL business meetings and CALL Executive Board minutes by Clare Willis, and CALL and AALL election news. The rest of the issue had a government relations/documents theme. It included Keith Ann Stiverson’s interview with Kip Kolkmeier, Illinois Library Association adviser, and speaker at the November business meeting, Keith and Kevin’s article on the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), and the text of the November 1, 2013 AALL UELMA resolution.  Michael Verderame and Lindsey Carpino helped Lyo and Kevin edit this issue.

The Spring 2014 issue was published on June 13, 2014. Clare Willis summarized the CALL Executive Board meeting minutes and CALL February Business Meeting. JoAnn Hounshell wrote an article on CALL 2013/2014 award winners and honorees. July Jackson reported on the CALL election results for 2014- 2015 officers. Lindsey Carpino contributed a trio of features: interviews with new CALL members, George Pike and Kara Dunn, and a discussion of hot library school topics such as social media outreach and social tagging.  Heidi Kuehl and Scott Vanderlin reported on the CALL Continuing Education Committee’s Legal Citation Workshop. Joe Mitzenmacher wrote an article on Illinois Senate Bill 3288 (on dissemination of government publications). Debbie Ginsberg wrote about what to do when your favorite services disappears or is “Do.Ne”. Kara Dunn helped Lyo and Kevin edit this issue.

The Summer 2014 issue was published on August 28, 2014. In this issue, Maribel Nash passes the President’s torch to Margaret Schilt, so the issue includes two President’s Letters.   Lindsey Carpino gives us a recent library school graduate’s view of the law school jobs market. Kevin McClure reports on the CRL Leviathan Forum on the preservation challenges posed by born-digital federal government documents. There’s also a full summary by Clare Willis of the May business meeting, including a roundup of all the award winners, and a flyer for the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) annual meeting in Chicago, October 5-7, 2014 with the theme “Fast Forward.”