Annual Reports: Archives Committee

Co-Chairs: Therese Clarke Arado

Members: Carol Klink, Sharon Nelson, Eric Parker, Lucy Robbins, Lorna Tang, Jona Whipple

Board Liaison: Pamela Cipkowski

During the course of the year members have continued to send CALL related documents, committee activities and more to the archives for filing. Electronic copies of materials sent are being printed off for filing. The Committee is planning to purchase a one or two terabyte drive to house archives from the web site. Hard copies received will not be scanned for the time being due to limited equipment capabilities; however items received electronically will be printed and stored electronically.  This spring has seen a rise in materials sent to the archives, including materials such as banners and plaques.

The Internet Committee provides CD back-ups of the ALL website at various intervals throughout the year.  A regular schedule for this activity still needs to be developed.

We did not meet as a group during the year, however maintained contact via e-mail.

Submitted by Therese Clarke Arado