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Issue 244 – Summer 2017

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From the Editors – by Philip Johnson, Juanita Harrell, and Emily Barney
President’s Letter – by Clare Gaynor Willis
Executive Board Meeting Minutes Summaries (June 2017) – by Annie Mentkowski

Featured Articles

Heading Back to Austin for AALL– by Philip Johnson               Attending ALA  by Juanita  Harrell

Association News

Joint Annual Meeting 2017– by Lindsey Carpino
Nominations for the 2018-19 CALL Executive Board – by Julie M. Pabarja
Following CALL on Social Media – Emily Barney

Committee Reports

Archives Committee Annual Report – by Clanitra Stewart Nejdl & Patricia Sayre-McCoy
Bylaws Committee Annual Report – by Gretchen Van Dam
CALL Bulletin Committee Annual Report – by Philip Johnson Community Service Committee Annual Report – by Robert Martin & Julie Swanson
Continuing Education Committee Annual Report – by Jesse Bowman
Corporate Memory Committee Annual Report – by Betty Roeske
Government Relation Committee Annual Report – by Joe Mitzenmacher
Grants and Chapter Awards Committee Annual Report – by Julie M. Pabarja
Meetings Committee Annual Report – by Eugene Giudice  Membership Committee Annual Report – by Therese Clarke   Nominations and Elections Committee Annual Report – Margaret Schilt
Placement and Recruitment Committee Annual Report – by Jessica Lemar & Gretchen Van Dam
Public Relations Committee Annual Report – by Joanne Kiley


2017-2018 CALL Meeting Schedule

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