Therese Clarke Arado

  • CALL Position: Archives Committee, Co-Chair, 2015-2016; Membership Committee, Co-Chair, 2015-2016
  • Associate Director for Administration and Public Services/Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University College of Law

Membership Committee Annual Report

Chair: Therese Clarke Arado

As of May 2017, CALL had over 230 members. An exact number is not available as the renewal process for the new CALL year began and I had not pulled a report just prior.

The CALL Directory was produced once this year, in May.  Corrections/updates are made by the Membership Committee. Then, the update is posted by the Internet Committee on CALL’s website. Members are also able to look at directory information via Wild Apricot, however the PDF online provides additional information. The organization index will be added shortly.  Continue reading Membership Committee Annual Report

TechBuzz: Report on #CALIcon16 in Atlanta

What’s the buzz?  After a hiatus, Heidi Kuehl, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, and Therese Clarke Arado are excited to be returning to the regular column scene with the re-emergence of the CALL Bulletin TechBuzz column.  The return of the column brings you a wonderful re-cap of the CALI Conference for Law School Computing by guest columnist Margaret Schilt, Associate Law Librarian for User Services, D’Angelo Law Library, University of Chicago Law School. 

Future columns will cover numerous topics of interest to law librarians, including artificial intelligence, Westlaw answers, CARA, a look at past TechBuzz topics to see if the technology or service has stood the test of time, and much more. The responses to the CALL membership survey indicated an interest in more technology related topics.  Please feel free to contact one of us with ideas you would like to see covered in the column:  Heidi Kuehl, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, and Therese Clarke Arado. Continue reading TechBuzz: Report on #CALIcon16 in Atlanta

Technologies Gone By . . . Not Really

It has been over five years since I took a retrospective look at the technologies covered in the TechBuzz so I thought it was a good time to see what has stood the test of time and what has disappeared or been replaced by something different. To my surprise more has stayed with us than I would have anticipated given the ever changing landscape of technology. Continue reading Technologies Gone By . . . Not Really

Annual Reports: Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Therese Clarke Arado and Annie Mentkowski.

Committee Members: Christine Klobucar, Lindsey Carpino, Clare Hoyt and Jeff Meyerowitz.

As of May 31, 2015, CALL had 254 members.  This is a decrease over the previous year.

The CALL Directory was produced twice this year, once in November and once in May.  Corrections/updates are made by the Membership Committee, with the assistance of AALL staff.  Then, the update is posted by the PR/Internet Committee on CALL’s website.  In the 2015-2016 year we hope to get back to the four updates from previous years (September, November, February and May).

The Committee sent renewal invoices to members in late April 2015.  We will work with the Treasurer throughout the year to receive membership information.  We will also work to improve communication with the Mentorship and Leadership Development Committee.