Annette Cade

  • CALL Position: Placement & Recruitment Committee, Co-Chair, 2014-2015

Annual Reports: Placement & Recruitment Committee

Co-Chairs: Annette Cade and Joanne Kiley

Board Liaison: Robert Martin

The Placement & Recruitment Committee continued to utilize the job posting procedure which was updated three years ago.  The procedure successfully serves members, employers, job seekers, and enables an efficient process for committee use.  Employers fill out a simple web form on the CALL website.  The committee member who receives the form via email then confirms the posting and uploads it on the website, usually within a day.  The procedure also triggers an email to the listserv.  When requested by an employer submitting a job opening, the committee member sends an announcement to nearby library schools (with the exception of the University of Illinois, which instituted new job posting requirements in 2014) to help connect CALL with library students and recent alumni from graduate library programs.  Using this described procedure, the committee posted 31 jobs on the CALL website and listserv during the membership year.

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CALL-ing All Volunteers

Do you like telling people about your career and how interesting law librarianship is? Do you have a project coming up this spring requiring a free extra helping hand?

Many of the library and information science schools near Chicago have an alternative spring break week. During the semester’s scheduled spring break, students come to all types of libraries in Chicago and the suburbs. The MLS candidates shadow librarians and/or assist on projects in the various library settings.

This is obviously a rewarding opportunity for the MLS candidate. S/he can see the day-to-day of the work and better determine what is his/her best library type and librarian type fit.

It can also be rewarding for you. You will get some help with that project gathering dust in the corner. Everyone has one of these, right? You will learn about what is new in technology, procedures and models for libraries. Perhaps by talking with this student you will learn a new way to promote and distribute eBooks in your library or find a better newsletter distribution process. We can always benefit from learning new ideas and new ways of approaching our work.

In an effort to share our love for law librarianship with others, the CALL Placement and Recruitment Committee is seeking volunteers to host an MLS candidate for a week or maybe just a day to two in the Spring of 2015. Please contact us if you are intrigued, ready or have more questions.

Annette Cade
Joanne Kiley