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From the Editors

Happy (late) Fall from the Bulletin – we have a great issue looking back at some of the great events CALL has held over the last couple months, including the first in-person Business Meeting since 2020!

We hope you enjoy the issue and continue to provide the great service and contributions that make CALL such a wonderful and vibrant organization! And as always, it isn’t too early to start thinking about contributions to the next issue of the CALL Bulletin.

Have a wonderful, healthy, and safe holiday season… and Happy New Year!

Wikidata – a New Tool to Enhance Access to Law Library Collections

This was a fascinating program explaining Wikidata to those who weren’t sure why they should use it. Then the speakers discussed projects they were working on or had recently worked on, summarized below.

Although the program title said “Law Library Catalog” collections, they also discussed IR projects.

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Community Service Beach Clean Up


In conjunction with the September CALL Business Meeting, the Community Service Committee coordinated a beach cleaning event.

CALL members Don Mac Gregor, Carrie Port, Mike McMillan, and Jack Door (pictured here) participated in an Adopt-a-Beach event at Montrose Beach coordinated through the Alliance for the Great Lakes. 

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September Business Meeting – Daniel Scanlan

The September meeting was attended by about 44 people via Zoom,  56 people had registered.

President Scott Vanderlin opened the first business meeting of the season by reminding everyone that this year is the 75th anniversary of CALL. The initial 75th anniversary celebration at the Columbia Yacht Club was well attended and there will be more activities throughout the year to memorialize the occasion.

Online meetings will continue throughout the year but CALL will also be meeting more in person this year to support professional social relationships and networking. The November meeting, to be held November 17, 2022, will be in person and members are encouraged to do what they can to attend. Continue reading September Business Meeting – Daniel Scanlan

From the Editors

Summer is flying by! Relive some of the most exciting things CALL has done this summer in the Summer 2022 CALL Bulletin issue.

We kick this issue off with Scott Vanderlin’s first Presidential Letter. Then, join in the celebration with Scott Vanderlin’s recap of CALL’s 75th anniversary party at the Columbia Yacht Club. Take a trip to Wrigley Field with Diane Rodriguez, past AALL president, in Mandy Lee’s writeup. Continue reading From the Editors

President’s Letter

As a kid, all I ever wanted to be was CALL President. 

“Mom, Dad–I need the new edition of The Bluebook.”

“No, I most certainly cannot come out to play. I have to practice Shepardizing. Lose this address.”

“You know what, Grandma–you keep this birthday money. It won’t do me any good to get used to having it.”

Then you grow up, see your dreams realized, and find out that it’s never how you thought it would be. Case in point, here are a few things they don’t teach you in CALL President School: Continue reading President’s Letter