November 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call
November 08, 2022 9:03 a.m.

Board Members Present: Scott Vanderlin, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, Jill Meyer, Jamie Sommers, Carrie Port,
and Todd Hillmer

Board Members Absent: None

Guests: None

Significant Actions:

I. Call meeting to order – President Scott Vanderlin called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.

II. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.

III. Approve Secretary’s minutes – The October meeting minutes were approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a. Harris Balances as of September 1,2022: $20,864.93 in our CD and $19,860.97 in checking.
b. Membership numbers: 205 current total members.

V. Old Business

a. Committee Chair Summit
i. Date – Doodle poll was sent out. Best date seems to be Monday, November 21. Only problem with that date is that Claire Willis will not be available and having her missing is an issue. May just try to feel out Claire and if she really cannot come then will select another date.
ii. Structure – Once a date is set, Scott will send out another e-mail asking for a written summary of what they are planning for the year – especially ways to collaborate with other committees if appropriate. Point of getting everyone together is to spur collaboration. Also ask if issue have been raised in their individual meetings that would be helpful to be addressed. May try to have breakout rooms on the Zoom call. But concerns about how this will work in reality. One thought was not for pre-collaboration, but rather to be able to chat – have a topic for each room with a board member being a facilitator. Do not want to spend too much time in the smaller groups – as one of the main values of getting everyone together is the meeting of all the minds. Also want a training component. We can set up breakout rooms for training on things such as NEON and the website. Format, larger group discussion, then round robin about your committee and plans for the year, then breakout rooms for the remainder. Might find at the end of the training that there are ongoing discussions – and if so then they can set up their follow up meetings. Follow up e-mail will go out shortly.

VI. New Business

a. November Meeting (In Person)
i. Last minute questions/planning – The menu was discussed at Wildfire. As part of this discussion there was conversation about who should be allowed to keep/use the points from Lettuce Entertain You venues. This also morphed into a discussion of management of the website and the policy log and handbook are currently inaccessible. These are topics for a future discussion. Currently 26 people signed up for the meeting. Trellis might be willing to sponsor the meeting, but they want a list of everyone registered and their e-mail address. Managed to figure out how to turn on the opt in and opt out button. Sponsor is losing interest now. Offered to let him show a video. Generally sponsor information was available earlier and was in the announcement and the opt in was in Wild Apricot. Looking to put it into the member information. It is now in Neon. Maybe we should let members know the cost to CALL for opting out. We are required to have the opt out option. Will hit up Bloomberg again to see if they will be willing. Also need follow up on how a sponsor would submit the meeting. The bags are ready to be handed out. Carrie showed the bags. They are nice. Wondering if there was anything we could put into it – maybe something from the sponsor.
b. May Business Meeting
i. Possibility of hybrid? (Mandy) – There are significant challenges to hybrid. Sponsors are asking for more options and broader access to the community. If we are hybrid though we only need a sponsor for the in person. The technological challenges seem to outweigh the possible benefits and just find a different sponsor.

VII. Committee Reports :
a. Archives: Todd – Nothing to report
b. Bulletin: Sarah – Nothing to report
c. Bylaws Todd Nothing to report
d. Community Service: Carrie – Had a good event. Four people showed up to clean up the beach. Got some nice photos and are going for the Food Bank for the November meeting.
e. Continuing Education: Todd – Planning a meeting on November 30th. ABA session.
f. Corporate Memory: Sarah – Nothing to report
g. Diversity & Inclusion: Scott – They are moving along
h. Government Relations Mandy– GRC is coordinating with AAL. Would the board be open to AALL reaching out to members about the legislative survey.
i. Grants & Chapter Awards- Jamie – No Update
j. Meetings: Jill – Nothing additional to report. Will follow up to have them aggressively promote the meeting including information about the bag.
k. Membership: Jill Nothing to report
l. Mentorship: Mandy – Virtual breakfast meeting in December, Diana is going to write an article for the bulletin. Looking for a date/topic for an in person meeting. Considering changing their name.
m. Nominations & Elections: Scott Nothing to report
n. Placement/Recruitment Carrie – DEI committee wants to collaborate on a day in the life program. We say go for it and they can discuss it at the summit. Are we ok to promote meetings to the library students to come for no costs. Ability to do this exists in Neon. Yes, can promote this offering.
o. Public Relations: Jamie – Jessie will set up Discord and needs the login for Gmail.

VIII. Announcements – Mandy and Scott helped verify AALL election results and one of the winners was Diana Kopang.

IX. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.