Placement and Recruitment Committee Annual Report

Co-Chairs: Gretchen Van Dam and Jessie LeMar

Committee Members: Anita Calderon, Valerie Kropf, Karl Pettitt, and Stacia Stein

The Committee held one in-person meeting and one teleconference meeting during 2016-2017.

This year, the Committee continued work on initiatives started during the previous year. One of the primary responsibilities of the Committee is the posting of new law library positions on both the CALL website and on various local library and law school job boards. To improve the postings, we worked with other committees to update the job posting submission form on the CALL website to include additional school job boards in the posting options.

In addition to the job postings, the Committee sought volunteers to compile a list of law librarians from academic, firm, and court libraries who would be willing to meet with prospective law librarians. We solicited volunteers via both email and making announcements at the CALL Business Meetings in the fall. We had two librarians interested in transitioning to law librarianship who reached out to the Committee and met with current CALL members to discuss opportunities in law librarianship.

The Committee also completed an update to the “Hiring a Law Librarian” brochure. The brochure is available to CALL members to distribute to Human Resources personnel at their libraries and schools to promote the benefits of hiring a law librarian and to alert hiring managers of the availability of the Placement and Recruitment Committee’s job posting services.