Membership Committee Annual Report

Chair: Therese Clarke Arado

As of May 2017, CALL had over 230 members. An exact number is not available as the renewal process for the new CALL year began and I had not pulled a report just prior.

The CALL Directory was produced once this year, in May.  Corrections/updates are made by the Membership Committee. Then, the update is posted by the Internet Committee on CALL’s website. Members are also able to look at directory information via Wild Apricot, however the PDF online provides additional information. The organization index will be added shortly. 

I would like to thank Todd Ito and Tom Gaylord for all the work they did with Wild Apricot this past year with respect to membership.

I have served as chair or co-chair of this committee since 2010, and am stepping down as chair in the new CALL year. I am excited for the new co-chairs, Stephanie Crawford and Lucy Robbins, to take over as I am certain they will do an excellent job leading the committee. I will be staying on as a member of the committee and will share with them any information I can that will make the transition and their work go smoothly.