Spring 2014 Editors’ Letter

Editors’ note: This is an online facsimile of the Spring 2014 issue of the CALL Bulletin, which was originally published in PDF format.

Dear Colleagues,

The great Chicago columnist  Mike Royko argued that instead of the official city motto, Urbs in Horto, or “City in a Garden,” a more fitting tagline for Chicago would be Ubi Est Mea?, “Where Is Mine?” But for most of the time since we last wrote you, our unofficial rallying cry has been Ubi Est Vernum? – “Where Is Spring?”

We can’t account for the whereabouts of the missing season, but we can finally put the Spring issue of the CALL Bulletin in your hands, if that helps any. This issue attests to the ability of CALL members to stay productive through even the most challenging conditions.

The Continuing Education Committee persevered through a weather-related postponement to present its Legal Citation Workshop in February; Heidi Kuehl and Scott Vanderlin’s wrap-up in this issue includes links to some of the resources that highlighted the session.

Our student columnist-in-residence, Lindsey Carpino, chimes in with a trio of features: an interview with George Pike, Director of the Priztker Legal Research Center at Northwestern Law; an interview with Lindsey’s UIUC GSLIS classmate Kara Dunn; and a discussion of hot library school topics such as social media outreach and social tagging.

Government Relations Committee Co-Chair Joe Mitzenmacher gets us up to speed on pending legislation in Springfield that could change the way some state government publications are disseminated—and no, he’s not talking about UELMA, there’s another bill too!

And Debbie Ginsberg has some valuable tips to prepare for the day when that web service that you’ve fallen in love with and don’t know how you ever lived without sends you a breakup message. (Don’t despair! There are plenty more fish in the cloud.)

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? If reading about the ideas, plans, trials, and tribulations of your colleagues inspires you to write about some of the things that have been on your plate and on your mind, please get in touch with us. We know you have more to share than you’re letting on!

In the meantime, please enjoy the Spring issue.