Winter 2014 Editors’ Letter

Editors’ note: This is an online facsimile of the Winter 2014 issue of the CALL Bulletin, which was originally published in PDF format.

Dear Colleagues,

Winter is here! As I’m writing this, we’ve had our first real snow fall. I love fresh snow! Everything seems new, magical, and possible then. But we leave footsteps of the past year behind us and usher in a new year. Snow is endings and new beginnings. So it is with this issue of the CALL Bulletin. In the following articles, we welcome new colleagues, discuss new experiences, celebrate leadership, and mourn the passing of a dear colleague.

CALL chapter leadership has always been strong, and this year is no different. Check out the candidates’ bios for this year’s elections. Thanks to Debbie Ginsberg, Julie Parbaja, Stephanie Crawford, Valerie Kropf, Jesse Bowman, and Robert Martin for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to lead us into 2014 and beyond! In other “new” news, Kevin and I have started a new feature in which we interview new CALL members.

First up is Michael Verderame (who’s also a member of the CALL Bulletin Committee). Read our Q&A with Michael to find out why he became a CALL member and what his favorite books are (I know they’re both going on my to-read list!). Next time you see him, ask him what “bioinformaticians” are!

Jesse Bowman taught a course on law practice technology (with Emily Janoski-Haehlen) for the first time last summer. It’s fascinating to read about his experiences with the new course. It’s also instructive if you want to try something similar in your own institution. Lindsey Carpino has been LEEPing into the future of librarianship, and her second column comparing what it’s like to be a library school student versus a law school student brings back memories!

I think y’all will enjoy reading about her journey. If you missed the CALL September Business Meeting at Harry Caray’s, not only was the food excellent, but when you read Clare Willis’ summary of Professor Randal C. Picker’s talk on the new world of ebooks and the digital library, you’ll feel as if you were there. Great stuff!

Congratulations to Keith Ann Stiverson on becoming Vice-President/President-Elect of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)! CALL President Maribel Nash has a nice note recognizing her achievement in this issue. We mentioned in the Fall 2013 CALL Bulletin that Keith Ann was AALL’s observer to the UELMA Drafting Committee. At its November 2013 meeting, the AALL Executive Board approved a Resolution on the Uniform Legal Material Act. We reproduce the text in this issue.

Beside her national activities, Keith Ann contributes to our local chapter. She has very informative articles in this Bulletin issue. Keith Ann reports on the re-dedication of the Cook County Law Library this past September to another 50 years of service to the Chicago law community! She also reports on the CALL November Business Meeting guest speaker, lobbyist Kip Kolkmeier’s talk on Illinois library advocacy. Finally, Keith Ann wrote an introduction to a GovDocsGuy blog post written by Kevin McClure appealing to libraries to stay part of the FLDP program. It’s important for libraries to partner with the GPO, via the FLDP, to ensure ongoing public access to government information.

CALL continuing education grants provide professional development opportunities to CALL members throughout the year. In this issue, Denise Glynn reports on the RDA Cataloging Workshop she participated in this past July at AALL in Seattle. One of our own, Patricia Sayre-McCoy was one of the speakers. It’s important for all of us to know about RDA and how it works, and Denise did a great job of sharing what she learned with us! I love RDA’s author “relationship designators”.

On a sad note, one of our long-time CALL members, Gail Hartzell, passed away this October. Naomi Goodman expresses many of our thoughts in her memorial piece on Gail. We also have a correction by Jamie Sommer of the CALL Government Relations Committee on the AALL Government Relations Office’s advocacy training options.

As you can see, some endings, but many new beginnings! We hope you enjoy this issue and encourage you to send us article ideas, or the articles themselves for the next CALL Bulletin issue.   Happy winter! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!