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Cool Tools Café at AALL 2016

Cool Tools Café is always one of my favorite events at AALL. I enjoy giving demos as well as learning about new tools. Here, I’ll recap the tools I presented–Perma.cc and Page Vault, web page archiving tools that law schools, firms, and other legal organizations might find useful. I’ll also share a bit about some of the other interesting tools presented. To see handouts from other tools at the cafe, check out the CS-SIS website. Continue reading Cool Tools Café at AALL 2016

Mandatory E-Filing

Mandatory e-filing began in DuPage County on January 1st of this year. Mandatory e-filing is required for all civil cases. DuPage County is the first county, and so far the only county, in the state to require mandatory e-filing for all civil matters. In order to accommodate patrons and attorneys who do not have scanning capabilities, the courthouse has four e-filing stations in the clerk’s office: one in the law library and one in the attorney resource center. This e-filling process has been a learning experience for all involved. The library staff, clerk’s office staff, and judges’ secretaries have all had basic training on e-filing. The questions we get the most from patrons and attorneys are: “Is it really mandatory?” and “Do I really have to e-file?” The answer is yes. For some of our tech savvy patrons and attorneys this was great. It meant they only had to actually come into the courthouse if they had to. For our not so tech savvy patrons and attorneys, it has been and continues to be a learning experience. Continue reading Mandatory E-Filing

Technologies Gone By . . . Not Really

It has been over five years since I took a retrospective look at the technologies covered in the TechBuzz so I thought it was a good time to see what has stood the test of time and what has disappeared or been replaced by something different. To my surprise more has stayed with us than I would have anticipated given the ever changing landscape of technology. Continue reading Technologies Gone By . . . Not Really

November 2015 Business Meeting Round-Up

CALL held its November Business Meeting at Wildfire Chicago restaurant, 159 W. Erie, on November 19, 2015. President-Elect Todd Ito called the meeting to order at noon and welcomed the slate of candidates for the 2016-2017 Board as well as the new CALL members. Recently joining CALL are Trezlen Drake and John Pickett of Northwestern University’s Pritzker Legal Research Center, and Peter Kaiser of Bloomberg BNA.

Vice-President Todd Ito at Nov. 2015 CALL Business Meeting

Continue reading November 2015 Business Meeting Round-Up

February 2016 Business Meeting Round-Up

CALL held its February Business Meeting at Nacional 27, 325 W. Huron Ave., on February 25, 2016. President Julie Pabarja called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. She thanked the Meeting Committee Co-Chairs, Eugene Giudice and Larissa Sullivan – who unfortunately were unable to attend the meeting. There were seventy-six registered attendees for the meeting. Continue reading February 2016 Business Meeting Round-Up

Federal Court Libraries Preserving Internet Citations in Opinions

It’s a rare Internet user that has not experienced the frustration of a bad web link. Nothing is more frustrating than coming across a link that leads nowhere. This “link rot” occurs over time as information is removed from web sites or moved to another online location. Unfortunately, the original URL remains the same in the referencing document – and the user goes without. The inability to obtain online information referenced in a court opinion, however, goes beyond mere inconvenience as the information cited could be critical to the holding and important to judges and attorneys in considering other cases. Continue reading Federal Court Libraries Preserving Internet Citations in Opinions


Stacia Stein
Stacia Stein

I should have known from my choice of Hepburn & Tracy movies that I was destined to be a librarian. Adam’s Rib, where the two played married lawyers on opposite sides of the courtroom, was enjoyable, but Desk Set, which took place in the library of a broadcasting network in New York, was always my favorite. It is a classic story of technology vs. humans—with a little romance and holiday spirit thrown in for good measure! Bunny Watson, as portrayed by Katherine Hepburn, was so knowledgeable. She knew every resource in the library and had ready the answer to every question—even faster than a computer!

Librarianship has come a long way since the Desk Set[1] days, when technology and humans vied for supremacy in a library. Computers and technology are now integral to research. Continue reading ABA TECHSHOW Roundtable

Survey Says – CALL Members Want More Technology Articles

CALL President Julie Pabarja surveyed the membership last year (June 2015).  The survey resulted in a list of topics members were interested in reading about in the CALL Bulletin.

From Debbie Ginsberg’s word cloud (see featured image above), articles on technology are of most interest to CALL members.  We are therefore re-starting the CALL BulletinTechBuzz” technology column (last published in Issue No. 225, Fall 2012). Continue reading Survey Says – CALL Members Want More Technology Articles

2015 AALL Meeting Recap (CALL Grantee Report)

Much of my participation in the 2015 AALL Annual Meeting has already been fully documented in the 2015 Summer Supplement Issue I helped publish live during the conference.

In this post I’ve also collected resources for the two sessions I presented in and compiled notes for some of the conference sessions I attended with links to the videos you can watch online together with book recommendations, online resources, and Twitter coverage. Continue reading 2015 AALL Meeting Recap (CALL Grantee Report)

Keeping the Conversation Going: Session Summary from AALL 2015, In the Wake of the Kia Audit

Posted on December 9, 2015 by
Photo of laptop and tablet


As we get to the end of fall, it seemed timely to revisit associate and law student training topics discussed at this summer’s AALL Annual Meeting and see if anyone had implemented new associate training initiatives or new approaches to legal research classes this fall. The post about the Attorney Research Skills session is available here

By Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library

In the Wake of the Kia Audit,” a 2015 AALL session, focused on the importance of technology skills and training programs for law students and new lawyers, and on how librarians can be a part of the process. Continue reading Keeping the Conversation Going: Session Summary from AALL 2015, In the Wake of the Kia Audit