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President’s Letter

Dear CALL Colleagues:

The daylight hours are getting shorter, the weather is turning colder, and the tension from looming final exams is starting to creep into the atmosphere within the walls of our law schools. There’s no question that we find ourselves in the middle of the fall/winter holiday season. In this letter, I want to focus on the fall holiday that I feel exemplifies the traits of CALL members: Thanksgiving.

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Winter 2014 President’s Letter

As temperatures get chillier and we enter the holiday season, this is a good time to reflect on the accomplishments of CALL and its members during warmer months!

Since the beginning of the 2013-2014 CALL term, the CALL Board has had the pleasure of meeting with each of the committee chairs to discuss our goals for the year and our plans to move forward with the CALL 2011-2016 Strategic Plan. Many of our committee chairs are first-time chairs, and I’m happy to see that all of the committees have started to make significant strides moving forward on their ambitious agendas.

Halfway into the Strategic Plan, we have made great progress. An annotated version of the CALL Strategic Plan, updated with our progress as of May 2013, is available as an appendix to the Board’s September 2013 minutes. You will continue to receive annual updates on our Strategic Plan at the beginning of every CALL term. Continue reading Winter 2014 President’s Letter