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Past Presidents Look Back

For this 70th anniversary issue, we thought it would be a treat to gather reflections from past CALL presidents. Below are a collection of responses to a variety of questions about CALL and law librarianship generally. Many thanks to Judy Gaskell, Sally Holterhoff, Heidi Kuehl, Sheri Lewis, Maribel Nash, and Betty Roeske for sharing their thoughts with us. Continue reading Past Presidents Look Back

Looking Back on the CALL Website

It may be hard to believe, but CALL has had a website for over 20 years. In honor of CALL’s 70th anniversary here are a few notable events in the evolution of CALL’s web presence, drawn from the CALL Bulletin and minutes of the CALL executive board.  Thanks to the Internet Archive, we even have a few screenshots of what earlier pages looked like. I hope you will enjoy this look back at how the CALL website evolved. Continue reading Looking Back on the CALL Website