Julie M. Pabarja

  • CALL Position: CALL President, 2015-2016
  • Library Supervisor at Latham & Watkins LLP
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Nominations for the 2018-19 CALL Executive Board

The CALL Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking nominations for the following Executive Board positions for 2018-2019:

  • Vice-President/President-Elect (three year term)
  • Treasurer (two year term)
  • Director (two year term)

The CALL Handbook provides a description of each Executive Board position. Successful candidates will take office at the end of the May 2018 CALL Business Meeting.

Please send your nominations to Julie Pabarja at Julie.pabarja@lw.com by Friday, September 15, 2017.

Grants and Chapter Awards Committee Annual Report

The 2016-2017 Grants and Chapter Awards Committee was charged with selecting grant recipients based on established criteria for CALL members to attend professional meetings as well as selecting recipients of the chapter awards.

The Committee started the year by reviewing the CALL Grants Application for any ambiguity and modified the language in order to ensure the requirements were clear. Continue reading Grants and Chapter Awards Committee Annual Report

President’s Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Another year for CALL has ended and a new Board will take over soon. It has been a great honor being your President and working with so many of you to ensure that CALL provides value to its members. Thank you for your support this past year!

CALL’s success is due to the dedication and commitment of so many of our members. I would like to thank the Executive Board members (Margaret Schilt, Todd Ito, Diana Koppang, Stephanie Crawford, Robert Martin, and Konya Moss) for their time and dedication to CALL. These 6 amazing people are true leaders and great representatives for CALL. Continue reading President’s Letter

President’s Letter

Dear CALL Colleagues:

Happy 2016! It’s that time again when we set goals and ponder about the changes we want to make this new year in our personal and professional life. For me, I am planning on making my Fitbit buzz at 10,000 steps every day. Is anyone interested in a CALL Fitbit Challenge? Professionally, one of my goals is not to procrastinate on getting my timesheets done (anyone else have this goal?). It’s definitely going to take a village or a possible CALL program to help me with my goals. Continue reading President’s Letter

2015-2016 CALL Meeting Schedule

Business Meetings

Business Meetings and Educational Events Policies


  • September 17, 2015 (Thursday)
  • November 19, 2015 (Thursday)


  • February 25, 2016 (Thursday)
  • May 12, 2016 (Thursday)

Executive Board Meetings

Starting at 8:45am

For 2015-2016 the Board will meet the second Tuesday of every month. Specific dates are:


  • June 9 (Tuesday)
  • August 4  (Tuesday)
  • September 8  (Tuesday)
  • October 13  (Tuesday)
  • November 10  (Tuesday)
  • December 8  (Tuesday)


  • January 12  (Tuesday)
  • February 9  (Tuesday)
  • March 8  (Tuesday)
  • April 12  (Tuesday)
  • May 10  (Tuesday)

Details will be posted as they become available.
Dates subject to change.

CALL would like to thank all of the speakers and meeting sponsors at this year’s business meetings.

President’s Letter

Dear CALL Colleagues,

It’s all about you!  This year CALL will be about what the members need to keep up with the changes and challenges that our profession faces.  It is important that we stay apprised of the latest trends and to have the skills to meet the demands of our job.  CALL will also focus on helping develop our members into leaders who will not only lead in our institutions but also in our profession. Continue reading President’s Letter

CALL Leadership Orientation 2015

CALL Leadership Begins Year with Orientation

Board members and committee chairs met on August 13, 2015, for CALL’s Leadership Orientation. It was hosted at DLA Piper. President Julie Pabarja led the orientation for 23 members to help prepare committee chairs and Board members for their roles as leaders in their committee and the greater CALL community.

Continue reading CALL Leadership Orientation 2015