Sheri H. Lewis

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  • Director of the D`Angelo Law Library and Lecturer in Law at The University of Chicago
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The Judith M. Wright Fellowship: Honoring a Legacy, Advancing the Profession

Judith Wright
Judith Wright

At its May 2013 Business Meeting, the Chicago Association of Law Libraries awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to Judith M. Wright. This professional recognition was but the first of several bestowed on Ms. Wright upon her retirement after forty years of service as a librarian at the University of Chicago, including thirty-three years as law library director.

Ms. Wright’s legacy as a peer and mentor is known to many in our profession nationally and locally in the CALL community.  Judith cared deeply about her colleagues and about the future re-generation of law librarianship. As a befitting tribute to her career, the University of Chicago Law School established the Judith M. Wright Fellowship. Continue reading The Judith M. Wright Fellowship: Honoring a Legacy, Advancing the Profession