Debbie Ginsberg

  • CALL Position: Bulletin Committee, Member, 2015-2016; Public Relations Committee, Chair, 2015-2016
  • Educational Technology Librarian at Chicago-Kent College of Law


Eating: Reading Market & Beyond

We’re looking for restaurant reviews! Have you been eating out in Philadelphia? Do you have a favorite from a previous visit you can’t wait to try again? Help us expand this post throughout the conference!

Reading Terminal Market

neon sign

The Reading Terminal Market has a very long list of restaurants – you may want to consult a map if you visit during a busy period to see where to get started. Tables are arranged in long aisles and may require some scouting to find a location at the busiest hours: Continue reading Eating: Reading Market & Beyond

What Happened Here? Moving the CALL Bulletin to WordPress

The PDF Years

It wasn’t that long ago that CALL decided to upgrade the CALL Bulletin from a print publication distributed by mail to an online PDF that could be sent out in seconds using the CALL listserv.  Going online saved CALL thousands in printing costs, but still required CALL to hire an outside graphic designer to help with the newsletter’s layout.

The PDF looked professional, but for modern newsletters, the PDF format can be limiting.  Readers cannot link to individual articles, the organization cannot showcase videos, and individual articles are harder to find with search engines. Continue reading What Happened Here? Moving the CALL Bulletin to WordPress

CALL 2015-16 Slate of Candidates

The Bulletin is pleased to present your 2015-16 slate of candidates. The candidates’ names are linked to PDF copies of their biographies and statements, which can also be viewed in the members’ area of the CALL website.

The election will begin on February 13, 2015 and end at midnight March 15, 2015.

To see the bios and statements, login to the CALL website first.

Candidates for Vice President / President-Elect:

Todd_Ito Joe_Mitzenmacher
Todd Ito 
University of Chicago
Joe Mitzenmacher
Loyola University Chicago

Continue reading CALL 2015-16 Slate of Candidates

Digital Voices: Devices that Speak & Listen

mikeDid you know that you can have your computer read text out loud to you? Or that you can read to your computer and it will type what you say? You can, and neither of these features require special programs. Both are built into features that you already have on your computer (they are also built into your phones, too – see the linked instructions on enabling these features on iOS devices).

Continue reading Digital Voices: Devices that Speak & Listen, or what to do when your favorite service disappears

This article was previously published in the Law School Ed Tech blog. It is adapted from an Ignite talk given at a Continuing Education session on November 5, 2013 for CALL.

The Chicago-Kent Library Technology Group runs many kinds of projects.  Keeping track of what’s going on in individual projects can be challenging.  We needed a cloud-based service for project management, something that could:

  • Track projects and tasks
  • Let us assign tasks to individual workers
  • Comment on tasks when we had questions or more information.

Continue reading, or what to do when your favorite service disappears