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AALL2 go Pick of the Month

AALL’s Continuing Professional Education Committee presents the AALL2go pick of the month: So You Think You Can Teach:Keeping the Audience Awake and Learning Alive.


Legal research instruction can be interesting, engaging and fun! Five experienced and dynamic academic librarians present 10-minute mini-lessons, highlighting five different teaching tools to capture the audience’s attention.

The mini-lessons cover such topics as secondary materials, cost-effective case law research, locating federal statutes using popular name, federal administrative materials, and D.C. materials.

The teaching tools that are demonstrated include:

  • showing movie clips that connect a legal research concept with an example from pop culture
  • using imagery to create a personal legal research scenario
  • creating a screencast lesson (with Camtasia and PowerPoint)
  • presenting an interesting or funny example or anecdote to engage the audience
  • utilizing props and games to capture the audience’s attention and to encourage participation.

The five different learning styles and the importance of teaching to those learning styles are also discussed. The mini-lessons are followed by a Q&A session where the panelists discuss in-class assignments, research logs, textbooks, CALI lessons, and the importance of creating relatable research examples.

Everyone from the beginner to the experienced legal research instructor is sure to discover innovative techniques that they can use to engage their audiences.

Find this and more free continuing education programs and webinars for AALL members on AALL2go!

November CALL Business Meeting Roundup

CALL held its second business meeting of the year at Wildfire Restaurant. CALL President, Maribel Nash, opened the meeting by thanking the Meetings Committee co-chairs, Beth Schubert and Jesse Bowman. Maribel welcomed a new CALL member, Sara Lock. Continue reading November CALL Business Meeting Roundup

Kip Kolkmeier: Advocate for Illinois Libraries

Those of us who attended the November CALL business meeting were given a treat when our featured speaker, Kip Kolkmeier, provided a rundown on the situation in Springfield. Kip summarized the many issues facing the legislature – not only the usual budget woes and redistricting fights, but the enormous unfunded pension obligation that looms over the state right now. Kip managed to tell us the sad tale while making it extremely interesting and entertaining. Continue reading Kip Kolkmeier: Advocate for Illinois Libraries

Federal Depository Library Program still matters, still needs voices of libraries

The post below, reprinted from Kevin McClure’s blog, GovDocsGuy, is a challenge to library directors, so I want to highlight the post again in case you didn’t see it and take a moment to add a prequel that provides one director’s perspective. Now that I have given some thought to the matter, it occurs to me that I have never worked in a library that wasn’t a federal depository. Why does a depository matter now, in a world that shuns print? 

I can tell you why I think it matters. The law libraries in the depository program have managed to keep the United States Code and some other important legal titles in print. We are the ones who took to heart the user’s need to be certain that an online document is authentic and unaltered. Continue reading Federal Depository Library Program still matters, still needs voices of libraries