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Meetings Committee 2016 Annual Report

The 2015–2016 Meetings Committee was Eugene Giudice and Larissa Sullivant (co-chairs), Sara Baseggio, Todd Hilmer, and Jill Meyer. The committee planned four meetings for the 2016 – 2016 year. Dates, locations, number of attendees, and profit and loss for each meeting is shown in the following table: Continue reading Meetings Committee 2016 Annual Report

February 2016 Business Meeting Round-Up

CALL held its February Business Meeting at Nacional 27, 325 W. Huron Ave., on February 25, 2016. President Julie Pabarja called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. She thanked the Meeting Committee Co-Chairs, Eugene Giudice and Larissa Sullivan – who unfortunately were unable to attend the meeting. There were seventy-six registered attendees for the meeting. Continue reading February 2016 Business Meeting Round-Up

2015 AALL Meeting Recap (CALL Grantee Report)

Much of my participation in the 2015 AALL Annual Meeting has already been fully documented in the 2015 Summer Supplement Issue I helped publish live during the conference.

In this post I’ve also collected resources for the two sessions I presented in and compiled notes for some of the conference sessions I attended with links to the videos you can watch online together with book recommendations, online resources, and Twitter coverage. Continue reading 2015 AALL Meeting Recap (CALL Grantee Report)

February 2015 Business Meeting Round-Up

CALL held its third Business Meeting of the year at Morton’s Steakhouse, 65 E. Wacker Place, on February 26, 2015.  President Margaret Schilt called the meeting to order at noon and praised the Meetings Committee for finding a great new venue.  Margaret welcomed one new CALL member, Peter Kaiser from Bloomberg BNA. Continue reading February 2015 Business Meeting Round-Up

MAALL 2014: Fast Forward in the Windy City

MAALL logoThis October, law librarians gathered in Chicago to “fast forward.” The Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) kicked off its annual conference in Chicago on October 5th, and thanks to the CALL Grant and Chapter Awards Committee, I was able to attend.

Lauren OdomMAALL 2014 was only my second conference, so I was not really sure what to expect as I arrived at the opening sessions at John Marshall Law School on Sunday, October 5th. As I approached the registration desk, the mood in the room was relaxed and I felt immediately welcomed. After perusing the refreshment table, I dressed up my conference badge with an iTweet ribbon and headed into my first session. Continue reading MAALL 2014: Fast Forward in the Windy City

CALL Leadership Training Day

By Clare Gaynor Willis, CALL Secretary, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

CALL Board members and committee chairs met at DLA Piper on August 7, 2014 for CALL’s annual leadership training session. CALL President Margaret Schilt started the meeting by reporting on her experiences at the AALL Chapter Leadership Summit, Chapter Leadership Training, and business meeting of the Council of Chapter Presidents. Margaret shared what she learned about leadership from the presenter at the chapter summit, Mark Levin. She told the group that Levin emphasized finding ways to use a member’s unique skills even if the volunteer opportunity does not match the usual model of a year-long project or commitment. Margaret said Levin also stressed asking people personally and thanking members for their service.

Those present had several ideas on how to achieve those goals. People liked the idea of spreading out commitments over the course of the year, noting that CALL committee work is often front-loaded in the beginning of the CALL year. Several members wanted CALL to emphasize how involvement with CALL would help members at their jobs. Margaret then noted all of the different ways that CALL already succeeds as an organization: strong chapter identity, quality programming, affiliation, and strength of spokespeople who speak for CALL in larger forums. Continue reading CALL Leadership Training Day