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Issue 236

Annual Reports: Community Service Committee

The annual report from the Community Service Committee, submitted by Jessica LeMar, Co-Chair of the committee.

The committee met once in August 2014 to designate the recipients of our in-kind and monetary donations. At this meeting we also designated members of the committee that would be in charge of taking the lead in organizing the collections for each meeting.

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Annual Reports: Corporate Memory Committee

The 2014-2015 CALL Corporate Memory Committee was: Betty Roeske, Chairperson; Frank Drake, Judy Gaskell, JoAnn Hounshell, Christine Morong, Susan Siebers and Clare Willis.  We updated the Policy Log three times this year: August 2014 Board Minutes, December 2014 Board Minutes, and April 2015 Board Minutes.  The Committee is also reviewing the Policy Log against the CALL Handbook.  When the CALL Board decided to review the Handbook earlier this year than usual, the Committee paused on its review of the Policy Log against the CALL Handbook.

I would like to thank the Committee for all their hard work this year.  A special thank you to Clare Willis for updating the Policy Log so quickly after our meetings.

Annual Reports: Government Relations Committee


Joe Mitzenmacher, Committee Co-Chair
Konya Lafferty, Committee Co-Chair
Todd Ito
Tom Gaylord
Jamie Sommer, Board Liaison
Clare Hoyt
Thomas Drueke
Eugene Giudice


The main charge of the Government Relations Committee is to monitor issues of interest to the law library community and report on those issues to the membership.  The goal was to achieve this through working with GRO to promote UELMA authentication in Illinois, work with the Continuing Education Committee, and by updating CALL’s “Finding Illinois Law Guide.” Continue reading Annual Reports: Government Relations Committee

Annual Reports: Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Therese Clarke Arado and Annie Mentkowski.

Committee Members: Christine Klobucar, Lindsey Carpino, Clare Hoyt and Jeff Meyerowitz.

As of May 31, 2015, CALL had 254 members.  This is a decrease over the previous year.

The CALL Directory was produced twice this year, once in November and once in May.  Corrections/updates are made by the Membership Committee, with the assistance of AALL staff.  Then, the update is posted by the PR/Internet Committee on CALL’s website.  In the 2015-2016 year we hope to get back to the four updates from previous years (September, November, February and May).

The Committee sent renewal invoices to members in late April 2015.  We will work with the Treasurer throughout the year to receive membership information.  We will also work to improve communication with the Mentorship and Leadership Development Committee.

Annual Reports: Nominations & Elections Committee

Committee Members:

Katherine Bruner, Denise Glynn, Barry Herbert, Heidi Kuehl, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Susan Reitzer, and JoAnn Hounshell (Chair)

Summary of Year’s Activities:

The 2014-2015 Nominations & Elections Committee solicited nominations and conducted the election of Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, and one Director for the CALL Board of Directors.

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